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You can share a bit too much!

One of permaculture’s ethics is return of surplus to the system but commonly known as fair share. I do love to share my abundance with neighbours, family and friends. I‘m still not too sure about sharing with unwelcome critters in the garden. I don’t know what it is about this year but perhaps it’s the cooler temperatures that has allowed caterpillars to spread prolifically through my tomato bed. Every second tomato seems to have one of these little guys chewing happily through it. Thankfully I’ve been planting quite a few plants each year that I’ve been here and I still have preserves in the cupboard if this years crop is an under performer. Good to put in the effort in the abundant years to make up for these less than successful seasons.

This season is the first time I’ve put in a corn crop. My first sowing of painted mountain corn was an under performer so I was holding high hopes for the next sowing of gem corn. I’ve been keeping an eye on its progress but it’s just not there yet. Well that’s my opinion. The local mouse community however disagrees and thought it was perfectly good to go already! Might have to see what I can do to move those little dudes on. I would really love to harvest at least some cobs of useable corn!

The third photo here is my nicely mulched lime tree. Finished chopping up the woody evening primrose stalks and laid around the tree. Come winter with lots of rain this will all start to decompose nicely, feeding the soil organisms who in turn will feed this tree, cycling all those nutrients.

Spent a little time in the kitchen today. I don’t buy bread anymore. Ever since I noticed that the mostly horrible, previously frozen gluten free bread that the local supermarket stocks, actually was made in the UK, I’ve decide that I will just make my own. Less food miles and fresh! I do slice and freeze but at least it only gets frozen the once not a couple of times that store bought would be. I make a loaf that is quick and simple - just throw in the ingredients, stir briefly, one rise and into the oven. Link is below if you’re interested. I just substitute GF plain flour for the rice flour - a little bit nicer!

Had some roasted lamb with a roast veg salad for lunch. A while back I made a variety of herb salts and used my rosemary garlic one on this leg of lamb. Quick and easy to create a really tasty roast with the effort already being done. Also got a couple of treats tucked away. Honey cinnamon pear slices and soon to be dehydrated honey lemon strips are seriously delicious homemade treats.

Got a basket of veg harvested in the late afternoon but I’ll leave sorting that out until tomorrow. It was much nicer to make the most of a beautiful day and get out into the garden for a bit of trimming and tidying up.

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