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It was actually a really big project putting this video together but it's really nice to have the older photos put together with the newer images all in one place. It will be good to look back on and see the development of this little patch of lawn overtime. My video is not only about what is growing here but how I got the garden started. So I'm hoping it will be a resource for others who may be interested in doing the same. I'm always being asked about this productive space, so here are some of the answers!!

(Link at the top of the page!)

Did the usual yesterday with moving around the flerd. I think I finally found a nice balance of space to keep everyone happy. I had to head over to the cows for a visit in the afternoon as I had noticed that they had knocked over their water. It's usually on these extra visits that I get told, very loudly, if I have underfed my sheep. Today thankfully, my sheep did not make a sound as I refilled the water trough and contentedly just watched me go about my business. Yay!!

Finally got around to moving some pallets from my front yard to up next to the hay shed. I'm going to build a big compost bay up there so this was step one. This little frog must have been hiding in one of them. I found him in the back of the car - pleased that he hadn't been squashed!

Sorry can't help but post pictures of flowers that my bees love. Being a warm afternoon, for this time of year, my bee hives were really humming as the bees made their way in and out to find and store those last minute supplies before winter seriously kicks in. This flower and the plant it belonged to had masses of bees all of over it. I will definitely have to find out what this plant is and spread it around the property. As I mentioned yesterday providing nectar and pollen for these pollinators is high on my list of priorities.

Each year that I have been down here I have been collecting fallen leaves from my neighbours place to add to my composts. Having checked with them and received the ok to gather, I commenced this years collection. It takes quite a number of trips, and time, to gather enough to build a one metre square pile of compost. I do gather up lots of other ingredients like manure and shred up some tree trimmings to add in as well. Compost is such a valuable resource that it is a good spend of my time!

While out collecting I heard another buzz, this time high in the sky around the top of a flowering gum tree. In the past I probably wouldn't have noticed either the buzz or the fact that this tree was flowering but it seems my ears now prick up and take notice whenever that distinct sound is about. It's nice to have slowed down and have the time to appreciate these little things in nature. :)

Hey all - just thinking that I might change to a Winter Weekly blog edition. The days are shorter. It feels like I've just got going with my day and then I'm starting the fire as the chill comes in once again. So not quite as much to share with you all as when the days are longer.

Catch you next week - in the meantime - check out my video!!

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