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Yes, I'm guilty!

There's always one, right?? The one that thinks he's a bit different and just doesn't follow along with the program. That's this lamb Beau. I manage my sheep and my pasture using rotational grazing methods which means I move them every day or two. It gives the grass plenty of time to recover and fully grow above ground and most importantly the roots grow deeply underground feeding all those microorganisms. Well this little guy just does not respect that and always sees the grass as being greener on the other side of the fence. He has only eaten a passionfruit plant down to nothing and a few trees, and he can't eat too much grass ahead of the flock, but it does annoy the perfectionist in me a lot. This place is certainly wiping out that characteristic in me fast - haha!

Duck photo - just because it's nice!

This year is my first year for a very long time growing Grosse Lisse tomatoes and I'm amazed at how well they are doing now the ripening has finally kicked in. This one weighs in at 535g which is all I need for one jar of my favourite fermented salsa! They are incredibly red inside which is one of the reasons I don't bother with supermarket tomatoes anymore. The colour equals nutrition and flavour. If you can grow your own it is so much healthier and most importantly, more delicious. Update on my eggplants. The little purple flowers are pretty but for the most part not producing well in this cool growing season. I did have success with the plant I had growing in my poly tunnel with a few large fruits nearly ready to harvest. Oh well my Italian eggplant preserving recipe with just have to wait for next year!

My corn has had varying degrees of success. The mice would definitely think it did great! I managed to get a bit of a haul of the sweet eating corn while they were distracted with the coloured glass gem variety. Pleased once I opened up the husk that it revealed mostly plump juicy kernels that were picked at the perfect time. Moved them to the kitchen where I blanched then laid them on a tray to freeze. Once frozen I'll pack them into a bag for storage. Ahh, one more delicious taste of summer I can enjoy in front of the fire later in the year!!

It always seems like a lot of produce and a lot of work while I'm tucking it all away but it is a real pleasure to make quick easy meals during those cold winter months and totally worth the effort!

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Mar 19, 2021

Pleased mice didn’t get all the corn, shame about the passion fruit

Huttons Valley Permaculture
Huttons Valley Permaculture
Mar 20, 2021
Replying to

You win some & lose some haha

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