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Why are those sheep wandering around my dam?

I had a great start to the morning. Awoke early, way before the sun, which I love as I get to enjoy breakfast and my coffee before heading outdoors to the chores. Breakfast done, blog written, just about ready to get out there when I looked out and saw my sheep wandering around the dam. What? Why? Well that got me moving.

Turns out that everyone was out except for one poor lamb, new to the farm yesterday. The night before when the three new sheep had only just arrived they escaped the stockyard where I had hoped to acclimatise them to their new location. They're skinny little things and slipped out a narrow gap that my sheep can’t get through. Anyway everyone mingled and they were all a bit too excited. During the night, with all the excitement, one lamb got herself tangled in the net fencing and she was the only one left in the paddock where I’d left them the night before. Called my neighbour for assistance. Had to cut her out but she was ok. Gathered up everyone else and surrounded them once again with the net fence. Put the new guys in the stockyard and secured the escape route. Might let everyone settle for a few days before attempting any moves. Hopefully things will go,better then!

A few deeps breaths and another coffee and I got back to my day. Thought I’d share my daikon radish patch. I must have dropped a few seeds near the tap where I often wash my harvested veg. Seems they were happy there. It’s amazing how easy growing food can be if you just let it be. There was a bee visiting the flowers that are growing on one of these plants. Now if I let that go to seed maybe I’ll have daikon radish for ever with no effort at all. Easy as that!!

Have to announce the arrival of some new babies to the farm. Back on the February 8 I discovered some eggs my white little hen had been sneaking off and laying. There had been 15 eggs. I grabbed 3 when I discovered them and had intended to go back with the basket and collect the rest, it’s just I never got to it. It got a bit late to do it so thought I’d let this girl be a mum. She’s still tucked in under the tree but I will have to move her and her new little family to a safer location.

Got back in the kitchen once again. More dehydrated apples because I just don’t want to run out. A bit more tomato salsa but I’ve tried it with basil instead of oregano this time - hopefully will be just as good. Got so much cucumber at the moment that I thought I’d give a relish a try. With plenty of onions I’ve just pulled out of the garden and no shortage of apples from the local area, the combination has to be good.

To finish thought I’d share a photo of my Muscovy ducklings. They’re ten weeks old now and still cooped up in their house. I’m waiting for the little one, you can see her right in the middle, to get bigger. There’s hawks and eagle around just waiting for the opportunity to snap up a tasty treat like her, so better to be safe not sorry and leave them all in the duck house until she’s a bit bigger!

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