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Who doesn’t love raspberries?

One of my favourite things to grow is raspberries. I have an autumn fruiting variety that is really giving. When it starts to fruit, which was a couple of weeks ago, it just keeps going. Last year I was picking 500g or more each day and there’s still some in my freezer from then. I’ll probably make some delicious raspberry jam with what’s left from last years harvest so that any berries left in the freezer are from current years crop. Important to get that rotation right so all your hard work growing and storing doesn’t go to waste. One of my favourite things to make with frozen berries is a berry clafoutis. It’s a custardy type pudding with mixed berries and it’s delicious.

One of my cheeky lambs, the friendliest one, is becoming a bit of a problem. He’s been getting under the electric wire netting and while annoying, it hasn’t posed much of a problem as he doesn’t stray too far from mum and the rest of the flock. Unfortunately he’s now showed the new male lamb how to get out as well. Yesterday I looked out the kitchen window and here they both were in my backyard. In my efforts to shoo them out they managed to get to my front yard and the veggie patch. Luckily I was able to turn them around and miraculously get them out my gate and back into the paddock and within the netted area. Later on I noticed all the sheep jump and run. Usually that happens when one of them gets a small shock from the fence. I’m hoping that it was the new boy! Anyway, none of them escaped for the rest of the day which gives me time to secure my back fence a little better.

I’d cut my back fence to create an opening through which I could drive my tractor so that I could mow my backyard quickly. The wires as a result were quite slack, certainly no where near as taut as they need to be to keep both lambs and drakes out. Fixing it had been on the list but this task was suddenly bumped up the list following the visit from my sheep. I have the mesh sheep wire already just a task to clear the grass away from the fence and attach it to the posts. I’m not great at doing this but a slack mesh fence is still harder for a sheep to get through than a slack wire one!

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