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What's going on?

It was a big day with lots done but the most important task accomplished was getting the cows in front of the sheep and all the net fencing sorted. Two moves with lots of fences going up and down but the job is done. The two cows seemed delighted with finally having a fresh paddock of long green grass to enjoy. The sheep and alpacas on the other hand were left wondering what was happening. Why are they there and why are they getting to that grass first? Dusky in particular was on alert and not sure what to make of the newcomers. Oh well, he'll get used to their presence and settle down. He's just doing his job!

While running around moving fences my muscovy ducks were happy to watch from what's turned out to be an expensive duck day bed. My little jetty platform is still a bit high and dry waiting for the winter rains to come and make it look in place again. Ducks are loving it regardless!

Out the front of the house today I finally remembered to add some food scraps to my worm farm that hides amongst the rock wall garden plants. They do have plenty of alpaca manure in there to keep them going but occasionally I like to give them variety. Just have to remember to divert some scraps from the chickens and spread that in the bathtub for the worms.

My mother hen and her growing chicks are still wandering around the front but actually not doing much damage to the veggie patch. They've found more of interest in the border garden bed and like to scratch up grassy areas so mostly good. I will have to get them enclosed again but finding time ahead of other projects is the challenge. My bit by bit larger chicken project saw a water proof (well hopefully) roof put on the nest box. If I can get even a little done each day or two I'm sure it will be finished one day- haha!!

During the recent period of inclement weather, including wind and rain, I found that one of the acacias on the roadside swale had fallen down. The berm soaks up lots of water as that swale doesn't drain very quickly. The soggy ground couldn't hold up the tree in the wind, but never mind, I quickly converted it to a mulch which my two small almond trees will appreciate. While out there chopping the tree I was excited to see a young willow tree started to emerge along the roadside. When my neighbours willow tree had to be cut down, as it was starting to fall, lots of the logs that had sat for awhile had started sprouting. I threw quite a few along my fence line hoping they would continue growing so was delighted to see at least one kicking in.

When I write down the things I did during a day it often doesn't seem like much, but trust me, the days are usually full and leave me exhausted by days end. A good sleep follows before I regroup and get going again the next day!

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