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We have a problem!

I’m starting to think I’ve got a bit of a problem. It was kind of cute when Dougie came visiting the first day but he’s made a home for himself at my main door. Pooping all over the place including on my mat. I replaced the fence to the paddock yesterday hoping that would keep him out but no, he still found his way in. I’ll have to work on getting him some company by the dam. In the meantime, I hope he doesn’t find the doggie door!!

It was going to be a hot day so made sure I got all the seedlings, potted plants and greenhouse watered. I only watered a small section of the front garden that doesn’t get the run off from the ducks so didn’t take too long. We’ve had plenty of rain so the tanks are nice and full - nice not to have to worry about tank levels! Got the honey frames put together and added a box to the first hive which was most in need. The other hive should be ok to wait a week then I might replace some honey frames with empties rather than add a fifth box. I’m not tall enough to deal with that.

One of the permaculture principles that I really love is to observe and interact. It’s particularly the observe part that I most enjoy. It’s like an excuse just to wander around and take it all in. It is time worth spending as it’s amazing the things you do noticed that may need some interaction. As it was hot I was happy just observing. I checked out my swales and a recent chop and drop area, loved what I saw in the duck house and Ruby enjoyed a swim with Misty one of the muscovies.

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1 Comment

Feb 11, 2021

Yes, I’d say that’s a problem but at least Dougie has company even if it’s four legged

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