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Tidying up the jar room

Today I decided that the jar room had to go! Well, not go entirely, just be cleaned and tidied up and turn all of these recycled glass jars into a resource. So I sat down and sorted through them all. Found new lids for a lot so that I could use them for water bath canning. The smaller jars I sent off to the seed room. Yeah, thats another issue - a bit of sorting to do there too!! Some jars just didn't make the cut and while I work hard to not even send things to the recycling bin, this is where these guys will end up.

To keep my dining room table on the move in respect to all the tomatoes ripening there, I heated up a bunch more, removed the skins, filled jars then put them in the canning saucepan for their processing. Only had one lid fail. It had shown signs of not going on well but I forged ahead with it anyway. Wasted a jar full of tomatoes but never mind most of them can be salvaged and head off to the chickens to make eggs instead.

Needed a sweet carb filled treat this morning so whipped up a batch of gluten free, dairy free, preservative free pumpkin scones - yum, my favourite!! So pleased that I had made the effort to turn some soon to rot pumpkins into puree which I froze in cubes last year sometime. Just need to grab one out of the freezer and thaw to add that pumpkin flavour when needed on occasions such as this.

Todays harvest basket didn't head to my own kitchen instead went a couple of k up the road to my neighbour. Spinach, kale, carrots, beans, snow peas, zucchini, cucumber, green capsicum and half a cabbage. The only thing missing besides beetroot (don't think she likes those) was the tomatoes which she grows herself. Nice to have a happy customer.

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