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This one's a gem!

I think that I've mentioned before that I hadn't grown corn for a very long time but this year launched into growing three different varieties. My painted mountain corn came first and I've shown the beautiful bright coloured kernels that it produced. I was beginning to believe that the mice would eat all the rest of the cobs I was growing so I harvested at a time that I thought was too early. I just opened one of these cobs yesterday and it revealed a totally different story. Glass gem corn, a popping or flour variety, is one of the prettiest things that I have seen. How did nature come up with that one?? Also for the first time is growing honey and cream corn which is a sweet eating variety and it was delicious. My corn growing season had it's ups and downs but I think I'll call it a success!

Out in the garden again as time is marching on and I need to get it all replanted. I have two long beds which are full of grasses and quite a few brassicas that can stay. I hadn't added any compost to these beds at the start of spring so with lots of exposed soil the grass seeds just grew and got away from me. My plan is to weed them all out and cover thickly with compost and mulch to hopefully keep them from taking off again. If I plant quick growing asian greens here to help fill out the bed this will also aide in keeping the weeds down.

I've been heading down to the end of the road a couple of times a day to help look after a friends pony while she is away. Came across this gorgeous little highland calf in the middle of the road. This calf has been bottle fed so is very friendly. She escaped today through a hole in the fence. I alerted 'dad' who came down to lead her back in again.

Last on my gardening list for the day was to get another round of seeds going and plant up some tiny seedlings. I'm still not great at raising strong healthy seedlings but with lots of practice I'm sure I'll get there. Broccoli, cauliflower and cabbages are winter vegetables that I love and would like to have in abundance so got a few more of these seeds into trays.

With all the chores and continuing food preservation, that was another day done!

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