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They've made it home!

Big day yesterday with Star and Ned leaving their temporary home at Tina's and arriving at their forever homes. I was a bit nervous about picking them up and getting them moved but it all went amazingly well. I borrowed my neighbour Petes' livestock trailer and backed it up to Tina's stock yard. She already had my two separated out so that was good. We threw some hay in the trailer and they just wandered on in. Simple! The two kilometre trip was nice and smooth. They were happy in the back just chewing on hay until they got to my place and when they saw the green grass, jumped straight out and started enjoying that. I'll keep them up the top there for a few days and get them used to my electric netting before they'll be joining the sheep and alpacas. I'll have them next to each other not in together! :)

I was surprised and delighted at the weather today having thought the rain was going to fall all day long. It didn't start until late afternoon so plenty of time to comfortably shift the cows and then appreciate the garden. A little bonus today was a bunch of raspberries I found hanging over my little pond - yum - morning tea!! Also a bonus was finding a bunch of daikon radish in my paddock by the hazelnut tree. I remember throwing an old, seedy daikon radish plant out there awhile ago. That's all it takes. Nature is amazing. No nurturing seedlings in a greenhouse. They just grow unaided, in place, and give amazing food. I love daikon radish as noodles - nice with a stir fry or alongside a curry.

My round of observing today also came across a new little spearmint plant and some lettuce seedlings. I might move the spearmint to the other side of the house where I'm planning a mint meadow where there is currently a long strip of grass. It gets very wet in winter and I'm sure the mint, of all varieties, will just love it. I'm also pretty amazed at the flowers still in bloom. I have calendula still popping out, some cornflowers and chamomile. Adds that nice burst of colour to the garden!

I made a little bit of progress on the chicken coop. Doing the fiddly bits like constructing the nest box and putting in the automatic door. So is taking a bit of time but it doesn't matter, time is what I have now!!

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