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They are getting closer

Big day yesterday for a small herd of dexter cattle that moved from Euroa to Kardella. Two of these little guys aren't quite home yet but they are only 2 kms away. The red cow in the middle is Northern Star who will be the matriarch of my herd of two and the black steer, only 8 months old, forms the rest of the herd. I will come up with names for them as soon as they arrive on farm and I get to know them. Northern Star is pregnant and is due around August/ September. They will settle into the lushness of Kardella up on Tina's farm until she deems they are good to go on long green grass. Image in the middle is a beautiful spot in Tina's place at the end of my road where the creek winds its way through tall big beautiful blue gum.

I keep waiting for my powdery mildew ridden zucchini plants to just give up, but with a glorious place to live, they just don't want to go. I've grabbed another four big zucchini's from the garden with a small bundle of red chillies. I'm hoping to get enough red chillies to make a fermented chilli salsa - I've nearly got enough. The rest of the green chillies I'll harvest soon and just put into the freezer for use throughout the year. I might do a big bake up of veg with the zucchini and more of the tomatoes that keep on coming too. Throw them together with onion and garlic and a handful of red pepper strips and it will make a delicious side dish.

In the morning before heading up to welcome the cattle to their new home I chopped up a few more acacias. Don't know why I enjoy that task so much but it really is satisfying using what has grow quickly on the farm to nurture the productive trees of the future.

Finished the day as usual tucking everyone into the safety of their coops and houses. I parked myself for just a short moment on my bench by the dam to watch the sun say it's farewell to the day. Thanks for coming sunshine - hope to see you again tomorrow!!

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