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There's always a highlight!

Some days you think that nothing exciting has happened but looking back over it you're sure to find a highlight. My highlight for a day of clearing long grass and continuing my week long tidy up, was letting my youngest chicks and their mum out into the world for the first time. The chicks are around 6 weeks old now and getting quite big and since there are ten of them their little coop is shrinking. They are big enough to go exploring. I've put a non electrified net around them as a bit of a guide as to where I'd like them to stay, although I'm sure it won't contain them for long. Wing trimming will follow when they discover those wings!

So my day really was about line trimming all the weedy, long grassy areas and continually fixing the trimmer to get the job done. Fairly frustrating actually because I would have had the whole area done quickly if the equipment had behaved. Anyway I now know how to tweek my spark plug and check the air filter, so that's a valuable learning lesson - haha!

Fermenting updates - the honey batch is progressing well and really bubbling up when stirring, while the coconut sugar one is a lot slower but finally get a bubble going. My batch of fermented herbs is really taking off - lots of bubbly action and I've had to add a bowl underneath it to catch all the drippings forced out. It smells great and I'm looking forward to sampling it in a few days time.

I've added my double yoker duck eggs to the post just as I don't think you could really appreciate the size in my last photo. Can't really fit in a standard egg carton. The girls did a fantastic job squeezing these two out!!

So that's as good as my day got - see you tomorrow!!

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