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The zucchini has to go!

Two zucchini plants that started out life in early spring as just tiny sprouting seeds have enjoyed the summer, cool as it was, and have pleased my neighbourhood and myself with a bounty of yummy veg. But it's time to go! Powdery mildew is taking over the leaves - a sign by nature that the best of the plant is over and she has decided to start the decomposition herself. It's kind of a relief really. There are just so many zucchini that you can preserve, and eat and force upon anyone walking by. I'm also pleased to be freeing up the garden bed to get some brassicas growing while there still is some light and warmth to get them kicking along.

With no dig garden beds it's really easy to get the next garden prepped and planted with little seedlings. I just cut the old plants off at root level and that all goes to the compost. The roots stay in the ground to increase the organic matter there but also it means I don't disturb the soil life. Really important if you want the next crop to take off quickly. After clearing plants I spread some eight month old compost on top of the beds. This compost has decomposed sufficiently to support the tiny little seedlings that I'm popping in. Just have to keep the birds and chickens at bay long enough for them to get established.

With the zucchini's mostly gone ( I have three small plants in) I'll have time to give to preserving the tomatoes. My dining table is nearly overflowing with tomatoes in various stages of ripening. I'm needing to take two harvest baskets out to collect them which is exciting. This year I've decided to park any ripe tomatoes that I plan to can as whole tomatoes or for sauce, in the freezer until I have heaps then I will spend a day processing it all. Practice makes perfect, or practice leads to increased efficiency - well thats the hope anyway!

Ok well I'm out of here for today - better go and see how many more tomatoes I can haul in and squeeze on to my table! Very good problem to have!!

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Mar 15, 2021

Pleased you’re finally harvesting some tomatoes

Huttons Valley Permaculture
Huttons Valley Permaculture
Mar 16, 2021
Replying to

Me too!!

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