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The tomatoes have arrived

Better late than never is the saying right!? Finally my tomatoes are giving enough that I’ve stored away quite a few jars of fermented salsa and now I can get some semi dehydrated with onion salt and basil. Just love these as a snack or on an antipasto platter. Still waiting for enough tomatoes to can some for the cupboard but pretty confident I’ll get enough as long as the mice, caterpillars and chickens stay away from them!

Also on my kitchen list of things to do today was preserving some beans. While I really prefer my beans fresh from the vine with the amount I have at the moment I needed to do something else with them so I blanched then froze them. The frozen beans when reheated aren’t quite the same but still have a bit of a crunch so worthwhile getting them into the freezer. The last thing I made today was some peanut butter. Simply peanuts, a little honey and a pinch of salt whizzed up - delicious. I hope the mice love it too as that’s what I’ll be baiting my traps with. Wish me luck!!

Straight after lunch I usually head out to check on the chickens and collect any eggs they’ve laid. Ruby often helps me with filling up their water. Some days I’ll get a load of eggs and others there might just be a couple. I got the feeling that one old girl hadn’t quite finished yet - better leave her to it!

This time of year I’m finding that with all the harvesting, food processing and just looking after the animals there’s not a lot of time for much else. I’d love to get a project done but any free time must be put into preparing my garden for the winter season. I already feel I’m behind but never mind I should have plenty in my cupboard and freezers to keep me going!!

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