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The good and the bad!

Some days I take it a little easier than others. Today was one such day. I had a couple of friends drop by for morning tea and a look around. It was really lovely to slow down, have a chat and show them the beauty of a diversely planted landscape. I find the view from my front gate across the vegetable garden towards the upper swale food forest is always my favourite on the property. At this time of year it's full of life. With the season soon to change this look will fade as the garden transitions to winter and the swale trees are harvested for mulch or drop their leaves for their period of dormancy. It's a great time to stop and appreciate!!

That was the good but what about the bad. I suppose it's just the way you see it. In terms of views the garden is good but my jar room could be considered bad. Having quite a few rooms in my house gives me the luxury of spreading out a little. My jar room makes it very easy to select a jar for whatever I happen to be preserving. Functional but not pretty. Oh well with the changing season this view will hopefully change too.

An exciting day on the farm is always when chicks or ducklings you've hatched mature and start laying. My two Khaki Campbell girls, pictured at the front of the little blue pond, have laid their first eggs. These first eggs are always small and cute. I've put them alongside two chicken eggs for comparison. And in other duck news the now 3 month old Muscovy ducklings finally grew big enough to safely spend each day enjoying the dam. Happy to report that they are all getting along well and loving life on the water!

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Mar 19, 2021

I bet the khaki Campbell’s would also enjoy the dam, bit of a squeeze in their pond. Lovely to see the other ducks enjoying themselves.

Huttons Valley Permaculture
Huttons Valley Permaculture
Mar 19, 2021
Replying to

Yes they will get there just a new duck house required I think!

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