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Still waiting on the tomatoes!

It’s nearly the end of summer and my tomatoes have yet to kick in. I picked one tigerella yesterday from the greenhouse but still nothing from the garden. The weather has been cool and wet and really not great for ripening what is an abundance of green tomatoes. However the cucumbers and zucchini’s are thriving.

After the snake in the front yard the other day thought it might be best to tidy up the long grass around the veggie garden to slightly reduce their habitat. The front yard duck posse were happy with the clippings eating up the grass and any little critters they came across.

I also like to harvest greens from the vegetable patch to add to the chickens diet and make sure those yolks stay a nice bright yellow colour. This is where having chickens right next to the veggies makes it quick and easy to not only tidy the garden but keep the chickens happy with these yummy extras. In permaculture design the elements of the system are connected making activities like these both time and energy efficient.

I tend to have projects that stretch over days. There is not shortage of things to do around here so I get a bit done of all sorts of things and it slowly moves it all in the right direction. They also often require different amounts of my energy and muscle use so the variety means I can last the day! I continued on with a few of theses projects including wood moving, chop and drop of a tree in the top swale and new bee hive construction and painting.

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