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So cute!

It’s amazing how quickly an egg (and a hen) can transform the yolk and white into new life that can chirp and run around from day one. Today I got a better look at mum and the chicks who had all started scratching for food. My little white hen has hatched ten gorgeous chicks. This is the first time I’ve hatched eggs all from the same hen and it’s interesting to see all the different colours of the chicks. I had expected the white ones, given the mum and dad are mostly white, so the dark ones were a surprise. Now they’re on the move I transferred them to a little coop where everyone will be a lot safer.

Stopped to appreciate a few thing’s growing in the garden today. Noticed my first little lime forming on my really healthy looking lime tree and the Jerusalem artichokes that I’d planted around the back chicken coop are getting huge. They haven’t flowered yet and I’m wondering if that’s to do with the cool summer. I think I’ll leave the tubers in the ground this year and harvest some for eating next year to ensure they’ve really become established. It is a herbaceous perennial and will be a food source from then on.

Headed back into the front garden, preparing beds and getting some seedlings in. I’d already removed the older plants in this bed and have left the chillies that I’m still hoping will ripen to red. Spread some lovely compost that I had worked hard making last winter all over the area to be planted. No dig and not disturbing the soil is really important for preserving the soil food web so I planted straight into this compost. I got some brassicas in, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbages and also lettuces and asian greens. Hopefully the little blackbird will leave these alone and not dig them up like she’s done in the past.

Did a little chop and drop, a bit of looking after animals, and took it a bit easy. Had a break from the kitchen but may need to head back there again tomorrow!

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