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Slowly progressing

Started on the roof of my chicken coop yesterday, getting the rafters in place. Decided I need a bit more timber so couldn't continue moving forward with it all for too long, and since I didn't feel like heading out to Leongatha, felt the afternoon in the front garden would be a nice change of plan.

My young chickens keep reminding me of why I should move the coop along a little faster. They just love the front garden. Yes I could do something better to keep them in their small coop area for the moment, but if I'm doing something chicken coop related, I'd rather put my time and energy just into the main, permanent structure.

My tomato plants were well and truly smashed by the frost on the weekend and it was past time to move them on. It was nice to get my main bed of tomato cut down and moved to the compost bins which are filling up nicely. Had my garden bed looking good and ready to be planted out again, but before I knew it I had those pesky chickens back again scratching around for worms.

Tomorrow I will get more timber and keep on with my coop build!!

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