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Sharing the love!

My zucchini plants are going crazy!! I have three plants that are getting huge and the Lebanese variety has multiple arms, going in all directions, each producing quick growing light green, pear shaped zucchini’s. My fridge is already full of them and today’s harvest basket is nearly too heavy to carry. I could give them to the chickens, or just turn it into compost and feed straight back to the soil. Or I can share the love. Decided that it would be lovely to share with my neighbours.

Permaculture is based on three ethics - earth care, people care and return of surplus to the system (also often described as fair share). Today I was following both the people care and fair share ethics. By sharing abundance locally it increases a sense of community and strengths relationships. Today Jodie across the road got some zucchini’s and carrot tops for her rabbits (she was probably most excited about the greens), Peter was happy with a bag of zucchini’s and Deb brought her basket and purse to collect her free zucchini’s but also bought a few veg from my wheelbarrow haul of carrots, potatoes, beetroot and cucumbers. Robyn, a lady I’ve just met recently as she has just started walking our road for exercise, had passed by as I was visiting the neighbours. Why not give her a surprise on her trip back! So I left a bag of zucchini’s out for her as well.

Produce shared, I can now get on with turning the rest into food that’s easily grabbed and enjoyed. I’m finding the key to using all this produce is getting the job done in the kitchen. This afternoon I made a roast carrot dip and a roast zucchini dip. To be enjoyed with veggie sticks as a quick easy snack, or as it turned out tonight, dinner!

Sorry just a couple of random shots at the end here. Also shared with my neighbour Deb this photo of one of her horses at sunrise. The other photo is of my excess scobies. Want to make kombucha? Would love to share these if anyone’s interested!!

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