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Seed saving - easy!

I've had a pile of snow pea vines sitting on my drying rack in the carport for a number of weeks, not because they needed that long to dry out, but because I just hadn't gotten to them yet. But maybe they illustrate why it's taking all week to get this place ship shape. All these little tasks, that don't take very long, all add up to a bit of work to be done. Saving seed is easy, you've just got to make the time. In this case I dried out the dead vines, pulled off the pods and removed the little gems inside. I'll store these snow pea seeds in an envelope (usually made from old used paper), in a dry, cool place until I'm ready to plant again.

Whenever I have people over I continually find myself apologising to all the spiders that had called this place home. I seem to have a lot of these guys inside and outside. One of my neighbours had even stopped by one day to offer to spray the house for spiders. Maybe thats an indication of how many are usually around - haha. Anyway, as I sweep or vacuum them all up once again I do say sorry. They are here doing a job. Cleaning up the flies and other insects. I did find a couple of nasty wasps caught in webs - maybe I need more cobwebs instead of less!

In addition to the ongoing clean up I packed away another 6 kg of ripe tomatoes, this time as passata. I've just about run out of jars which has timed well as I'm nearing the end of the tomato season. My small ripe cantaloupe are proving to be a great snack size, perfect for a morning tea bite of juiciness.

Needed to run into Leongatha today to pick up a few supplies. I often go the back way which takes me down a couple of winding, dirt roads which is a lot more interesting than the highway. It can also occasionally give you a little reward. At this time of year I'm always on the look out for little white spots along the roadside and today I was delighted to find a small patch of field mushrooms that aren't full of bugs. The three I grabbed are big enough to make some delicious mushroom soup with, so pretty happy with my find!

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