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Quality homegrown goodness

One of the driving forces for my move from suburbia to where I am now was that I wanted to increase production of my homegrown. Good, wholesome, nutrient dense, quality, organic food. So important for good health. While you can grown anywhere, a window sill, a balcony, back or front yards big and small, I wanted space to grow pumpkins and not be concerned as to where these plants expanded to.

Last season I had a volunteer plant that expanded in all directions, putting down roots as it went and ended up gifting me 50 pumpkins. Whoa!! I was able to preserve lots and took great pleasure in sharing with friends and neighbours (due to lockdown my family who all live further away missed out - sorry).

I hope to use this page to celebrate the foods that my garden produces and to share the ways in which I use it. While I hope one day my garden will provide a continual supply of nutritious food and I'll enjoy seasonal eating, it's not there yet. I still have lots to learn and lots of practice to get that happening. In the meantime I'm expanding my knowledge of preserving and hope to share my efforts to preserve the seasons abundance to be enjoyed in leaner times.

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