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Are her wandering days over?

I came across some evidence of the other nights fox attack on my little black hen. There was a pile of feathers that he had managed to grab hold of and pull out, before my hen miraculously escaped his grip. Very lucky girl. Today I noticed that for once she didn't escape. Didn't go wandering around the garden and digging everything up. She just stayed put. Last night I had a look for her to make sure that she made it into the coop. But I couldn't see her as all the rest of the flock came in from their favourite day time perch in the camellia. Did she finally get out again?? I looked everywhere around the house, and in the bushes, but nothing. On the off chance I thought I'd check inside the coop. Hah, there she was, first one in! I think the fright she received might have just curbed her wandering ways!

Another slow news day today as I decided to once again take it easy. I generally have to recover if I have been out dining. While the food was fantastic and not an issue, it's the wine that gets to me these days. One glass of wine with its preservatives is enough to slow me down the next day. Why do I still do it?? I suppose you just like to feel a little normal sometimes and that one glass of wine does that for me!!

I thought I would share the letting out of my muscovies in the morning. They love to get out for the day and stretch their wings before heading off to the dam!

I find I keep forgetting to check my mushroom logs so I'm not sure if I've been missing any or not, but was delighted this morning to discover this fine specimen growing. My best yet! Also while out, I noticed the raspberries were still producing some beautiful berries. Always exciting to come across these small, surprise harvests. :)

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1 Comment

Sep 26, 2021

Love this too, thank you

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