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Observe - it's rewarding

In between the busyness of life around here I do like to take a moment to just observe. I find watching the simple things around me quite rewarding. There's a sense of joy for life it brings you but observing can also teach you a few things and that is also rewarding.

In my kitchen garden the borage has become naturalised meaning that it is always popping up. I leave the plants alone and they emerge, grow, flower and then seed without my interference. These seeds then fall to the ground to begin the cycle again. My bees have an almost constant supply of borage flowers (not sure about winter - will have to observe then and get back to you), to feed upon. The lesson for me is to spread these seeds, and any other bee feeding flowers, around the rest of the property to really support the bee population.

I also love watching the early morning sun as it shines through the trees and the mist. It's the reward I get for dragging myself out of a warm house to tend to all of my flock who need to be fed and released for the day.

I managed to get a bit more of my chicken coop sorted, with another run to town once again for supplies. One of the down sides of designing as I go is not having the supplies I need at the beginning, but that's just how it goes!

That's all I have - enjoy your day!! :)

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