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My first frost

Woke up this morning to clear blue skies which only means one thing at this time of year - a cold start to the day. It was a lot chillier than I thought when I got out there. My lovely home seems to hang on to heat, which is great, but leaves you a little unprepared sometimes for what you'll face outside. There was ice on the chicken coop roof and frozen grass. Maybe Little Man, my gorgeous wether, decided my zipper tag would be nicer to eat than the cold grass!! I accidentally walked through a stunning spiders web in the pasture before deciding to capture one on camera. I always love how frost and moisture highlights the intricacies of these beautiful little constructions.

Being so cold outside I didn't rush back out to get going with my project until later, so did a few things in the kitchen. I had quite a few red chillies left and have run out of chilli flakes so threw the pile I had into the dehydrator. Won't take much to whiz them up to store away in the cupboard for a bit of a bite in dishes to come. I'm now consuming the last of my cantaloupe. They really have been delicious. Will have to grow more next year. Like the chilli seeds yesterday I've put the cantaloupe seeds out to dry and store so I can give them life next season.

Bit slow getting to my coop project, having to source some materials first. I headed across the road to Jodie's where I found some gold in her trash pile - a few bits of timber which will hopefully help clad the coop. In town there is a wonderful second hand building materials place where I bought an antique (aka really old), rustic( rusty) screen door which will make a sensational entrance to the new run. I will show you all once it is in place!! I managed to get my bearers and joists on the stumps and placed the mesh on top. It's amazing how long things can take when you aren't practiced, but hey practice makes perfect and I will get better and faster!!

This is part of the reason why I am building a new coop. I need to keep these birds in. My little farm dog has been encouraged to leave the chickens alone and she does a great job. I just wish she would stand up for herself, just a little!!

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