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More transformations

I think I'd exhausted myself from the honey harvest day and was really slow out of the blocks this morning. Decided the sheep had plenty of grass to keep them happy so left them where they were. I have friends coming on the weekend so thought spending some time in the kitchen getting a few things ready now would be a great idea. One of these friends has decided to go into competition with me in the dietary challenges department. No nightshades. Fairly disappointing as I have such wonderful tomatoes to share however I understand these things are not of our choosing. Soup is on the menu. My last batch of stock paste had tomatoes in it so I'll whip up a nightshade free batch and maybe a gift jar for her as well!!

Finished off my onion salt today. I think one more jar of it should see me through the year!

After a trip into town to pick up more chicken feed I returned home to continue in the kitchen. Started preserving some more zucchini that will be nightshade free. I'll just substitute the chilli for black pepper and hopefully it will be just as lovely. Soaked some chickpeas to cook up for hummus.

Something that I'm excited about is my apple juice from the weekend, has begun its transformation to cider. Those little organisms are alive and kicking as evidenced by the bubbling through the airlock. Isn't nature amazing!

Somedays you just need an early movie and a bit of couch time, so thats just what Ruby and I did :)

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