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More chopping in the food forest

I'm afraid my activities of yesterday provided not a lot of excitement in terms of photos. Green against green doesn't always lend itself to amazing images, especially when the day was fairly dreary and wet. Oh well, thats how it goes sometimes. I managed to get three large acacias down and two chopped and used as mulch for a couple of olive trees, that if you look closely, you can see in the photos. Small trees at this stage but with a little nurturing will grow big and strong before you know it.

Hopefully all the foliage and branches will start to convert my forest floor from a heavy, lifeless soil dominated by grassy species to a light, rich soil full of microbial life ready for planting of shrubs, herbs and vines to add to the fruit and nut trees that are already in.

The trees along this swale were planted early July 2019 with the help of a couple of fantastic volunteers. Give them all another couple of years and the scene will be very different again. I am always amazed at how quickly areas can change with a few plants added and always excited at seeing the birds and insects that move in and call this emerging forest home. Makes all the hard work worthwhile!

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