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Lucky I had my blanket on!

It was a cold, cold start to the day on Saturday morning. Reminds me that I need to get a thermometer going outside to record what's going on. For some reason knowing the numbers helps me get my head around it all better - is that just me?? Anyway there was ice on everything. I wandered down to the paddock to check out how the sheep and cows had done. There was ice all over them and when they stood you could tell where they had slept as there was a big green patch with none of the white to be seen. I'm sure they weren't happy with the cold, but with the natural rugs over their backs they had done just fine.

My front veggie patch looked quite magical with the tiny little icicles lining all the leaves and branches. I knew that this would be finally putting my summer garden to rest but that is ok. It is time. It's amazing how the brassica family of plants stand up to this cold while the tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants, chilli and pepper plants all just wither away. My huge patches of once colourful nasturtium, on masse, said goodbye. It was still a bit sad to see that life in the garden vanish overnight!

Didn't get to much done over the weekend. A little wandering around and observing during which I did find my first lime on the tree up in my top swale. It was also nice to see while up there, that my tagasaste trees (tree lucerne) are coming back nicely after what was quite a severe hair cut!! The rhubarb plants, that I had propagated by splitting my kitchen garden plant and planted near my apricot trees, are really kicking in now. You can certainly tell when the roots hit the soil and get established. The plant just suddenly thrives and looks amazing. Might make some rhubarb jam or just stew some up with apples for a sweet treat.

Although it was beautiful to see the bright blue skies it came at a price, with the freezing cold temperatures. The next week should see the clouds returned and with it more moderate conditions. Makes getting out in the mornings so much easier!

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