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Love to hang out in the orchard!

With apple season in full swing around these parts I decided to head up to my neighbours, Deb and Dennis, to pick some apples that they’d kindly offered. It seems we weren’t the only ones who chose to hang out in the apple orchard today. Frogs and sheep thought it was a great place to be also. Happy to report that we left the little frog sitting on his apples and Fred the lamb, while not interested in the apple on offer in this photo, was happy to keep sneaking bites from apples in the cart while were picking. Cheeky fella! I hoping to make a batch of apple cider with this lot. Cross my fingers that that all goes to plan. A great way to store this summer abundance!

Was back in the garden for a quick harvest and a minute or two of observing!! I collected a basket of goodies to give to Deb in exchange for her apples. Mmm - a cart of apples for a small basket of veg - perhaps I could have filled it some more! Or maybe I can share the cider down the track.

My little white hen and her ten chicks are now tucked in to this coop that sits beautifully in the garden. Love the way the sunflower is keeping an eye on them all. Also love being able to harvest a few tomatoes now. Homegrown tomatoes are so sweet and full of flavour and are magic in a salad or in your favourite tomato salsa recipe to go on your breakfast omelette!

Did a little planting today of onion and carrot seeds. I do have beds of onions and carrots already but I’m hoping to get harvests all year around so mindful to keep getting seeds in the ground. I had to cover the beds to keep the blackbirds and naughty escaping chickens from digging it all up. Shade cloth to cover the onion bed and an old flannelette sheet to go over the carrots. Once all the tiny seedlings are popping up they’re heads I’ll move these covers off and cross my fingers the bird leave it all alone.

Finished my day by chasing my rogue little lamb Beau back in to the netted area with the rest of his flock. I enjoyed watching my ram Romy nuzzling up to Dusky my guard alpaca. They have a great relationship and its nice to see. Oppy as usual looks like a dag with his long fringe which I’ve been meaning to do something about. Lastly, sat by the dam as the sun began to sink and enjoyed the changing colours!

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