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Lest we forget

I have poppies growing in my garden and while they are not in bloom at the moment for Anzac Day their bright, beautiful flowers always makes me pause and think of those who give their lives for others. Permaculture ethics of earth care, people care and fair share help move us towards a more abundant, giving world where the need to go to war with others will hopefully diminish. Thank you, to the service men and women, on this ANZAC day.

I was invited to attend the footy with my boys and their lovely ladies on Sunday. It was an all day event for me as I headed in on the train. As always the ceremony at the start was moving and being in the presence of 78000 other silent people was quite something. Thanks boys for asking me along!

Back at the farm the sheep and alpacas were moved as usual. Dusky came to say hello so I thought it fitting he say hello to us all! Ruby couldn't help but get into the act as she squeezed her head between my legs to get my attention, and say a big hello also! Harvests on the farm have slowed for the moment, which is great,

as I have a lot of stored food, but I noticed a small extra burst of raspberries ready to pick, and my young hens are just starting to lay. Baby eggs are so cute.

I did a bit more chopping and dropping on Saturday. It may seem fairly brutal but these Black Wattle trees can handle the extreme haircut very well. I had previously chopped these severely and they grew back quickly and vigorously.

Saturday evening I was a little worn out from another day mulching my young forest and had plonked down on the couch to rest and watch a movie. I heard a knock on the door and thought that Ruby wanted to come in, until I noticed her on her bean bag. I looked over at the door and saw my rooster Ray standing there in the dark. Whoops!! For the first time I hadn't noticed darkness descending but thankfully Ray, who often gets out of the backyard chicken area, let me know that he wanted to go in for the night. I jumped up and did the rounds, not only letting Ray retire for the evening but ducks also. Thanks Ray for the reminder!!

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