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Just having fun

Ruby is having a wonderful life as a farm dog. She doesn't have any particular skills that make her useful herding sheep or moving ducks or chickens but it's her enthusiastic presence that makes her such an amazing helper on the farm. As I'm mostly doing all of this myself, it's nice to have her company to keep me going and she really doesn't ask for much. Just the occasional rock or ball to be thrown and she's a happy girl!

We were blessed with a beautiful morning to move the sheep and while they mowed down their patch of grass I worked on the backyard patch. A bit more tidying up to do today. With company coming on the weekend I'd like the place to look like it's under control. I keep telling myself it's a farm and there's supposed to be stuff around but keep moving things anyway! Can't get the city girl out of me just yet!

I remembered to check my mushroom logs and was excited to find one edible shiitake. It was rather on the small side but hey, with just one to feed, even this size can add to a few other ingredients to make a very tasty side dish. I'm reminding myself to enjoy and appreciate the zucchini at the moment because they are very nearly done while my baby, pea sized, brussel sprouts are still going strong but I have to remember they are there. Any way the three combined very nicely.

One of the exciting things I rediscovered today was that with moving a few things, and sweeping up a ton of leaves, was that I do have car parking space in my driveway - yay!!

Wonder what I'll discover tomorrow. :)

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