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It's that golden time again

It's been a crazy cool summer and as I'm not confident in the warmth returning I made the call to do my honey harvest before some wet cooler days arrive. Not only is it good to have warm conditions for working the bee hives but it is also helpful for flowing honey during the extraction process. A little while back I harvested five frames to keep my honey supplies up and today the bees shared with me another seventeen frames. I was working late on the project and still need to finish up so not sure what weight that translates into as yet. Bee assured, the bees still have plenty left to get them through the winter months!

A little bit of running around today. Egg and produce delivery, and stop at the grocery store. As I headed up the road to Korumburra I realised that it had been nine days since I'd ventured out of Huttons Road. It really is nice not having to go far and allows me so much more time for getting on with things on the homestead.

In addition to my honey harvest I did a little tidying up of my garden refuse and started a new compost pile. Harvested a couple more baskets full of tomatoes and ignored the zucchini that are once again kicking in on my two remaining plants.

Took a photo of my two new ewes. Introducing Matilda, in the foreground and Philippa, at the back (named when Matt and Phil came for a visit!). These girls will hopefully be here long term and give lots of little lambs into the future.

It really is nice in the mornings moving my sheep before the day gets busy. You can just chill and take in the sights and sounds that early mornings provide. Then you can move on with the day.

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