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It's kind of why I'm here

This handful of leaves, to me, represents more than just a bunch of greens. It represents me taking back control of my health. Instead of a biscuit at morning tea I enjoy all these greens, plus nuts, an egg, some honey and water and have this nutrient dense smoothie. Bodies can't heal themselves without giving them the building blocks to do that. It's all about the micronutrients that feed the mitochondria, the power house of a cell. These power houses control the life and death of our cells, and also the replacing of tired old cells. Feeding ourselves a diet full of macronutrients like carbs doesn't help this replication and repair of our bodies. Maintaining a healthy body needs less of these micronutrients than repairing a body faced with disease. I need to have lots, so I'm growing it all myself in a hope that it helps!!

Back on the chicken coop project today and I spread myself out in my fantastic carport that's just made for a building project. I decided it would be a lot easier to plan out and build each wall of my coop on the ground and not up in the air. If needed, I'm sure a neighbour will help carry the walls and get them in position with me. I was pleased to get my recycled window in place with hinges attached. There would have been no way I could have hung this up in a vertical plane. I made great progress given there was a bit of time taken for measuring and planning. I'll probably have to get more timber to complete the project but happy that I had most here already. (I had ordered and had delivered all of this timber a year ago thinking I would get it done then!!)

Last weekend a neighbour dropped over and brought with him a pile of finger limes for me. I love the freshness these guys add to a glass of mineral water but thought I could do better. Wild fruit soda was worth a try and instead of sugar I add some of my honey to see how that went. I used a cup of sliced up limes, a cup of honey, a cup of kombucha (although the honey and limes will probably start the ferment just themselves) and made up the volume to about 4 litres. I'll give it a stir twice a day and it should take about a week or maybe a little longer as the temps down here have cooled a bit. Then hopefully I will have a refreshing finger lime soda to enjoy!

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