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Hanging in there!

It's funny, I'm always anxiously awaiting tomato season, but then it quickly turns to awaiting the end of it! Being a few degrees different in temperature to Melbourne and what I'm used to means I always worry that my tomatoes won't come in before the cool hits. I think I'll stop worrying soon. It's my third growing season here and I think I'm realising that the timing is a little behind and that patience is required. Another tomato harvest today and another day in the kitchen making the most of these sweet homegrown gems. The vines are starting to brown off and are looking a bit bedraggled so it won't be long before it's all over and I can get on with other projects!

Another vine that had browned off and essentially died was that of my cantaloupe. Not sure that the melons are ripe yet but I'm bringing them inside where hopefully they'll finish maturing. Looking forward to juicy melons soon. Another kitchen activity today was the processing of quinces that I had gathered at a friends place. I was lucky as these fruits were the last few on the tree where they were likely to be devoured by the local possum population. It's amazing that these plain fruit once chopped and boiled, yield a beautiful rosy juice that soon will be transformed to a sweet, delicious jelly. But thats another day in the kitchen.

After a busy weekend and a busy day in the kitchen I really didn't get much more done. Chopped up a couple more tagasaste trees on my swale just to get outside for a bit and feel grounded. While I do enjoy the kitchen activities it's the great outdoors that is really where I love to be!

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