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Gotta love a good harvest

Harvesting is one of my favourite things to do. It’s like the reward for all the hard work and effort you’ve put into a garden. I tend not to harvest daily, well except for the out of control zucchini and tomatoes when they finally kick in. Harvesting with purpose is more important. I’ve found that when you plan to harvest you also plan to do something with it, otherwise it can just rot in the fridge then go to the chickens.

I’ve been looking forward to turning this cabbage into sauerkraut for sometime now and today was the day. I also got busy cooking with and preserving my glut of zucchini’s. I have a great Italian recipe for zucchini in oil which preserves them in a way that makes them crunchy and delicious. I baked a zucchini frittata with spring onions and curly leave kale and made a batch of fantastic zucchini and rosemary crackers. I find a great way to use my cucumbers, which don’t store long in the fridge, is to juice them. Throw in some greens, beetroot, carrots and a couple of my neighbours oranges and you have a wonderful nutritious juice. I had hoped to get to fermenting carrots but time and energy caught up with me!

Did the usual moving sheep and tending to my 50 or so birds before continuing on with my winter wood preparation. Cut up kindling to add to my storage box and began splitting my aged logs which will be perfect to burn for this winter. I never seem to get projects (like winter wood) done in one go - an hour here & an hour there eventually gets the job done!

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