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Good morning sunshine!

Occasionally you see a magic moment and also, occasionally, you get to capture it in a photo. Yesterday morning the sun was shining through the trees and lit up the mist rising from the dam. It looked amazing! Finally after a long cold week of drizzly rain and overcast skies we saw the sun and it hung around all day :)

I got back up to my swale today, determined to make a dent on all these trees that need to hit the ground. Chainsaw in hand, with battery finally charged (the plug had slightly come out of wall socket and I hadn't realised it wasn't charging - had thought chainsaw was broken - haha), I headed up to have a day chopping. I did pretty well and got about six big acacias down, chopped and laid around my almonds and pear trees.

My neighbour Tina came over once again to help give Oppy his vitamin d injection. He was actually really good this time and let me grab him very easily. Holding on tight while he moved around last time must have shown him who is boss - yay!!

I cooked up a treat tonight for dinner. These are lamb ribs that I slow roasted with rosemary, garlic and onions. Together with homegrown veg, proved to be delicious. Farm fresh eating at it's finest!!

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