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Friend or foe?

I find I’m taking a lot more interest in the insects that find their way into my world. This little guy, and a few others, were enjoying a feast on one of the yellow flowering legumes growing profusely around my dam. Friend or foe I thought! I was relieved then to notice quite a few small butterflies also enjoying the mass of flowers and figured the two were related. I still find myself worrying whether insects I come across are a pest or not. In permaculture you just leave all this be. As the system develops balance of pests and predators kicks in. This is nature’s way. The challenge for me is not to worry!

I moved the sheep and still can’t get over how lush the grass is around here - quite a vibrant green. Needed to set up a bit of a laneway for the sheep and alpacas. I have to give Oppy, one of my alpacas his vitamin d shot. and it’s a lot easier up in the stockyard. I’ll run them up tomorrow. Also attempted to repair my mobile sheep shelter. I made this a year ago and it has stood up pretty well to the pounding and rubs that the sheep give it. I chose to use a tarp on the sides to keep the structure lighter to move but may need to come up with a different plan. Anyway as a summer shelter a bit of air flow through is a bonus - right?

The days go very fast. I often look back over the day and think well what did I do. Well I picked up sheep and alpaca poo and threw it in the compost, continued painting my bee boxes, harvested some veg including one small tomato :), collected onion seeds, sat in the garden and had a chat with my son with the ducks looking on, then did a bit of a cook up of rooster stew and homegrown berry pudding for dinner. No wonder the days go fast!

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