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Flowering in my garden

I'm always stopping to take note of flowers that appear in my garden at different times of year, mostly with my bees in mind. I would like to fill the spaces of this property with not only productive trees for we humans, but productive for the little insects that keep the place in balance. While diversity is paramount, for the moment I might just take what's growing well here already and spread that around, then add different plants in as time goes by. I particularly love the hakea laurina or pin cushion hakea. I had it in my last garden and I was delighted to find it growing big and tall here also. (A sign I found the right place!!) It flowers around mothers day and it's like it's saying "good job mum's, heres some beauty to add to your day".

After admiring the beauty within my garden I decided to knuckle down and make a start on my new permanent chicken coop. With the thousand or so chickens I have here at the moment, managing them all has become a little time consuming and seems to tie me to my place here, which means something in my system isn't right. This new coop will allow me to set my chicken waterers up so they are self filled and I can have my ducks in a safe place each night without me having to go and lock them up every evening. The plan is to be able to let them out to the pasture area if I want, or the front garden within an electric net as they presently are, but I can keep them in the safety of the large coop if I want to go away.

The most challenging part for me is just getting started. I find it best to not overthink the project ahead of time. I find sorting out the next step as it come up, seems to work best for me. So I just got started! Getting the stumps in correctly is critical for the whole project so I did put a lot of time and brain power into it. Not being a builder I consulted my mentor, YouTube, on a few occasions just to ensure I was going about it the right way. Any way, proof is in the pudding so to speak - my tape measure and level don't lie. Everything seems to measure up. Always nice to see that bubble in the middle! Finished the day with concreting in the stumps. Having six posts sticking out from the ground by days end was immensely satisfying!!

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Huttons Valley Permaculture
Huttons Valley Permaculture
May 03, 2021

It would be easier if there was someone to do it for me - haha -no choice but to do it myself 😆


May 03, 2021

You are amazing and an inspiration! Building now, nothing phases you, well done. Can’t wait to see the finished product 👍 🐓🐓

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