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Feeling Proud

Another day off farm yesterday to see Matt graduate from university with a Bachelor of Business degree. A lovely ceremony with some interesting speakers. After all their hard work, it was a delight to see these young people receive their certificates acknowledging their efforts. Well done Matt!!

We celebrated the occasion at a wonderful Vietnamese restaurant in Glen Iris with Matts flatmate Phils' family. Phil had also graduated in the same ceremony. Great to see him accepting his award also. A lovely night to mark the occasion for these amazing young men.

So a big day out meant no more done on the farm but I did move my chicken coop project along a little - working on the nest box - on the day before. Not much recorded in photos however, so sorry about that. A yummy lunch of lamb chops and a huge, fresh green salad and crunchy coleslaw. I snuck a sip of my still fermenting finger lime soda which is coming along nicely. Quite bubbly now after a bit of a shake. I'll leave it just awhile longer before bottling to get it nice and carbonated.

Big day yesterday and I'm feeling a bit tired this morning. Not helped by the fact that I was rudely awoken at 4.30 am to the sounds of a panicked chicken. I jumped out of bed, dressed just in a singlet top, and ran around the house chasing off a fox in my bare feet across cold, wet ground. It was my usual escapee chicken that had not been locked up with the others the day before for my outing. I'd warned her!! Any way went back to bed not knowing if Mr Fox had been successful in his hunting trip or not. Out to feed everyone this morning, expecting to come across some evidence, when out she came from the bushes looking for her breakfast. Mmm, I wonder if she'll head into the coop tonight with the flock - don't know how many chances chickens get with a fox. Oh well, I'll find out later!

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