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Daily life on the farm

I've been keeping a diary in a notebook for some time now but find myself often checking the photos from the day before to remind myself of what I actually did! It occurred to me that it would be great to add these photos to my diary. Then I thought maybe if I were to put it all online it would be available to anyone who may be interested. That might well be just me (and probably my mum!) at this stage, but that's ok!

So Huttons Valley Permaculture daily will be a written and pictorial record of the development of this little 5 acre farm from Feb 2021 onwards. It will be fun to share just what it is I do and what it takes to build a regenerative, abundant system using permaculture design.

Looking after the chickens, ducks, sheep and alpacas and of course my dog Ruby are amongst my daily chores/joys - depends on the day really which it will be haha! There's the garden to plant and tend, harvesting and food processing and beehives to manage. The bigger picture stuff is the continual development of my swale food forest, dam habitat and further plantings along the boundary and adding to existing planted areas.

Lots going on and plenty to share. If that sounds of interest to you, leave your email so I can keep you up to date with blogs as they are posted.

Thanks - looking forward to sharing!

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1 Comment

Matthew Ellin
Matthew Ellin
Feb 02, 2021

Looks great !!

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