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Checking the fences

I'm going to start training my new cattle to the electric net fencing that I have so that I can move them around the property along with the sheep. I need to hook up their training net to the hot wire that runs around the perimeter fence to make sure the net is really hot and will send a clear message to stay away. Having been a little slack with the sheep once the lambs got older and having Beau, my big black lamb, learn how to get out, I have learnt that you can't afford to not do things properly. So to get it good and hot, I walked the fence line and cleared all the weeds, long grass, small trees and branches that have fallen across the fence. It all grew over summer but I was hesitant to clear it then because of the risk of snakes. Having seen nine snakes this past season, and nearly stepping on four of them, made me particularly wary going out into long scrubby territory.

It's always nice to have a wander around and view the place from different perspectives. Love walking under my big old gum tree with it's beautiful stripy bark. I also find it amazing how quickly pioneer species of trees start to grow and how big they soon become. I have left a number of those in place as I'm sure my alpacas will enjoy feasting on them given the chance. I did clear those that were likely to have impacted the electric wire running around the fence line.

Ned and Star seem to be settling in well. Here they are taking an interest in my fence clearing activities but also in Ruby as she runs around. Hopefully they'll get used to each other quickly as the sheep, alpacas and Ruby have.

It was a cold wintery day to day with lots of heavy rain and blowing winds. The morning I spent making some bread and another batch of zucchini crackers which I enjoy having with a hot bowl of soup. I'm still making tomato soup at the moment as tomatoes are still plentiful in the garden. It won't be long though, before I can get into that winter favourite - pumpkin soup! Yum! What's your favourite soup?

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