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Changing seasons

This morning I headed up to the chickens and stopped (as I often do) to look across the garden. It was the first foggy morning of Autumn and gave a real sense of the changing of seasons. My productive front veggie patch will soon take on a different look as the summer produce disappears to be replaced with winter brassicas and greens. Really important at this point of the year to make sure to save seeds so the magic can happen again next summer!

Was up early today as I had a lot to get done. On the home stretch in respect to tomato processing. Another batch of paste and a big batch of kasundi - a spicy chutney type product. I'm going to experiment with it and see if it can double as a simmer sauce for chicken!! The big item on todays list was saying goodbye to three of my young roosters. These guys were starting to create havoc amongst the flock and giving the ladies a very hard time. Not a fun job but necessary to settle things down and has the added bonus of putting quality food in the freezer.

It was a little challenging with the processing as the European wasps are about in high numbers and they kept me company most of the time which was anything but fun. In addition to providing food for Ruby and I, the remains go into the compost bin to be converted into the magic ingredient that helps grow all my amazing produce in the front garden. Nothing going to waste!

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