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Caught in the act!

Was out in the front garden today to give a bit of love to my greens and brassicas in the form of duck bedding, when I came across a little guy who I suspect is responsible for nibbling my tomatoes throughout the season. He didn't move off in a hurry so not sure if he is a little on the way out, but perhaps he was just feeling full from gorging on these tomatoes before they disappear. Anyway I let him go about his business. I'm not too concerned if he takes a share. I would rather catch mice in a trap than hands on, although they are so cute it does make me feel a little bad!

The duck bedding is a great mulch for my little plants. Not being as hot as chicken bedding it doesn't required composting or ageing before being put to use. Other beds I've used it on previously, jump into life with all the nitrogen being made available and the growth is great. While out in the garden all my lettuces and salad greens were looking fantastic so I decided a bowl of salad, along with my tomato soup, was called for. And it was sweet, crunchy and delicious!

On my way up to the top swale today I stopped to appreciate the lush pasture immediately below it. It is such a contrast to the pasture I saw on Tuesday up near Euroa where there was barely a blade of grass. The two dexters that are heading this way won't believe their luck!

I finished chopping up the trees that I cut down the other day and mulched my sad eaten avocado tree. I'll redo the shade cloth tent around it so that it can hold back a sheep as well as the frost and wind that it had originally been erected for. With the addition of the mulch layer I'm hoping it will make a full recovery.

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