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Busy bees

Sometimes I’ll head up to the bee hives, on a beautiful day, and just watch. They are fascinating to me, coming and going. Loaded with pollen or nectar they arrive back from the fields, before handing off their cargo to head straight back out again. These girls are busy! While not quite as busy as a bee, my life often feels as hectic as theirs seems to be.

But I love it. After getting the sheep happy I tended to the muddy duck pond area. The ducks do love their little pool which I’ve positioned at the top of the veggie garden so that the run off will not only water my plants but provide a fertiliser boost, as those ducks love to poop in there! I took some of the shredded leaves and branches from yesterday ( forgot to mention that I’d done this ) and piled up under the pool. I’m sure the ducks will dig down to the mud quickly but this will freshen it up for a little while at least.

Decided that I was sick of waiting for my tomatoes to ripen to enjoy a tomato and basil pasta sauce so grabbed out a jar of tomatoes from last season and a huge handful of basil to make a fantastic sauce to complement my homemade pasta! Truth be told, the pasta wasn’t great. I didn’t put in the effort to get it rolled out nice and thin. Just a little too chunky really!!

I always collect the eggs straight after lunch. The girls are usually finished laying by then and it gives me a chance to check everything is in order and freshen up water for them all.

It’s been awhile since I’ve checked on my bees so I gowned up and had a look. They’ve actually been very busy bees. I’ll need to add boxes to two of the hives or do a harvest which I don’t really want to do just yet. Problem is I’m very low on spare frames and have only just received my order for a new hive and frames yesterday having ordered it over a month ago. Will have to quickly get that together and give these girls a bit more room!

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