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Big day for Oppy

When you have livestock you have to be prepared to do what’s needed to keep them healthy. That was my day yesterday. Oppy, my Suri alpaca, has a vitamin d deficiency. Not uncommon in dark coloured alpacas but needs to be treated. I had noticed that he was losing hair in patches on his legs and the skin looked dry and uncomfortable. I had to create a laneway to run everyone up to the stockyard, then corner poor Oppy to give the injection, then get everyone home again. It took most of my morning but with the help of my friend Tina I got the job done!

I got the usual chicken watering and feeding, duckling care and a little harvesting done. Finished my bee hive painting then started back on my ever present wood pile. Being a hot day I was really pleased that I’d move the huge logs to be split to under the cover of the carport. Much nicer to do a bit of splitting there.

I finally rewarded myself for a day of hard work with a little observing. Particularly appreciated a small area of my kitchen garden in which I have some volunteer plants. Having let things go to seed the season before now meant that I have beautiful flowers and food coming up in the garden with no effort on my part. Isn’t nature wonderful!!

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