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Beating them to it!

Well I caught two pesky little mice over night in the corn patch however I think I may need more traps out there. With more corn cobs wiped out I decided it might be best just to pick what’s there, ready or not. This variety of corn is called glass gem corn and is supposed to be multi coloured. My cobs are not like that which is why I thought they weren’t ready. They are a flour or popcorn variety, so not a sweet eating corn. I’ll leave them to dry and see if I can get any of them popping for movie night snacking! Also decided to bring in the remaining bean pods just in case the mice turned their attention to them.

Not a mouse issue but a caterpillar one. If I leave my tomatoes to ripen on the vine I’m finding that caterpillars are enjoying them before I do. I’m picking the tomatoes on the greener side to beat them to it. My chickens are enjoying a double treat when I throw the invested fruit to them - semi ripe tomatoes and juicy fat caterpillars!

One of my other crops that is slowly coming along is my eggplants. This is my first time growing eggplant and I’d forgotten what variety I’d put in but it’s a long skinny one. I think I would have been better growing the traditional bigger ones as you get more bang for your buck so to speak. Oh well these skinny ones may be super delicious - time will tell!

Haven‘t much lettuce growing at the moment but I do have some rocket, spinach and some very healthy dandelion leaves to make up my lunch time salad. I’ve got myself a weed foraging book to help identify the best weeds to harvest. So, if my lettuce goes to seed I’ll always have some leaves for a nutritious lunch. Came across this little frog hiding in the leek seed head. I bet he was after a nutritious lunch as well!

Not too much happening in the kitchen today but I did get around to finishing off my lemon rind strips in the dehydrator. They’ll soon be crispy sweet treats that are quite addictive.

My goal these days is to have zero waste. I had soaked my lemon strips in honey and water and now this liquid was imparted with a delicious lemony flavour. Using it as a cordial with some soda water means it doesn’t go to waste and instead creates a really refreshing drink.

Never short of something to do around here!!

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