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Back on track!

Relieved to wake up this morning feeling pretty good. Both my brain and hand had become useable again so was able to launch into my day!! On my way up to the sheep I stopped to appreciate the growth that is happening on my swales. Only a year and a half ago it had been dug up and seemed to be just piles of clay with a big pit in the middle. Hopefully this years project will see the dam surrounds becoming full of life both in vegetation and wildlife. A bit of planning to do yet and a lot of work but looking forward to it!

It was a cool morning with a light rain falling as I organised the sheep’s new paddock. They’re up near the hay shed. I’ll often stand under the cover of the shed up the top of my paddock when it’s raining and once again appreciate the views around me. I think my tractor has the best spot on the property overlooking the valley and it’s a good spot to watch the weather blow through. Anyway better get back into picking up fences and moving energisers and keep the day rolling.

Spent a bit more time in the front garden organising beds. Also chopped the rest of my comfrey and mulched the young asparagus plants and artichokes. It’s quite satisfying harvesting your own mulch. Quick and easy and the beauty of comfrey is that it grows back really fast to give you more in a few weeks time. A win for the garden!

My neighbour Kelly dropped by to do a produce swap. Zucchini’s and cucumbers for two varieties of pears. Happy with that. I enjoy dehydrated pear slices with honey and cinnamon so will have to add that to my list of things to do. As my garden finally kicks in I’m spending more time in the kitchen making sure all the bounty is preserved for enjoying through out the year. Lots of time needed but so worth it!

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