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Autumn colours are coming

It's certainly felt like Autumn of late. The mornings and evenings have been very cool and I've had a couple of fires to keep me warm at night, although not needed every night just yet. The colours have been slow to change with my oldest hazelnut being one of my first deciduous trees to put on their yearly display. I've been blessed with some Autumn fruits, which is exciting after all the work of planting and nurturing. Getting a small taste of things to come is rewarding. My fig tree is providing some fruit but thankfully not all at once - spreading the harvest so I can enjoy it bit by bit. Another shiitake has popped up but it looks like someone got to it before me - never mind the rest of it will cook up ok!

Today was the last day for this family to roam freely in my front garden. Here they all are having a group dust bath, with the exception of the smallest chick, who has wisely kept out of the huddle. It seems mums of all species can't enjoy a little me time in the bath without the kiddies wanting to join in!

Any way to save all my veggies, including my beautiful, nearly ready, savoy cabbage, from the chicken onslaught, I needed to renovate my little baby coop to accomodate this family. I had to move on the current residents however, who weren't too impressed with being promoted to the big house, but oh well, that's life! I repurposed the duckling enclosure to extend the area that the little ones have to move around in and it worked out really well and very quick to put up - bonus! I just have to keep giving them plenty of garden trimmings to give them lots to do and I'm sure they will be happy here until they get to move on to the bigger coop.

Next I need to build a permanent coop in the front garden then I'll be rearranging all the old and young girls to new homes. Trying to make it easier for me to leave for a night or two and not be concerned that Mr Fox will come for a visit!!

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