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An exciting day!

If you haven't already caught up with my exciting news I have published my first video on YouTube. I've been working hard learning all sorts of new things - filming, filming equipment, editing and the software, uploading, optimising etc etc but finally got to the point yesterday that I was ready to launch! If you haven't seen my video yet there is a link at the top of my website page that will take you to my channel. Be sure to subscribe while you are there, and hit the notification button so that you will be advised when I get some more videos happening. Exciting times sharing my adventures here. Hoping it will inspire and educate, not only my audience but also myself!!

Ok so in addition to that great event I have the more mundane farm activities to report on. Woke up to a cold, crispy morning. The type that freezes your fingers when attempting to get things done like move my cows, sheep and alpacas. Beautiful blue sky though and the sunshine was glorious once that cold bite had left for the day.

Every day lately my chickens are reminding me that I have to get going on the chicken coop and a better containment system. My mother hen who was once content to wander the front garden has now decided to join me in the back. She and her crew were out in the chicken garden scratching around which digs up my small self seeded plants which I'm not too keen on. Always something to bring me back to the priority tasks!!

I managed to get the automatic door installed for the chicken coop along with fixing up the large opening door, for cleaning out the coop, which I had decided to change. So a couple of more things done there! Always distractions though with Ruby wanting to play and constantly dropping a ball or rock at my feet to throw.

I changed out the duck bedding which I put around my young brassica seedlings to help bring them along and put fresh water in the little duck pond. They get so excited with fresh water and I find myself spending ten minutes just standing and watching them. They are quite entertaining.

So there's another day!

Feeling relieved at finally get my first video out and a little excited about all the videos to come. :)

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