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A weekend of sharing

Just had a great weekend catching up with friends. I love to share what I've been doing around the place and talk permaculture, and of course share my home grown produce. At this time of year what else would I be serving but all these vegetables. Tomatoes, zucchinis and carrots were all transformed into tomato, zucchini and carrot soups. Had a bit of zucchini slice and there's a farm fresh meal. I felt very blessed as all these friends also wanted to share with me, and I received lovely gifts of flowers, plants, food, wine and a deodorant - mmm - was there a message there - haha! (It was a lovely organic, beautifully fragranced anti odourant - and I loved it - thank you xx). I also had my mobile chicken coop return to mobility with my two bloke visitors fixing up the coop axles so my wheels could once again spin - yay - that had been on my list of things to do for sometime!

Besides having a wonderful catch up with friends I had the usual farm chores. One thing I do love that I've shared before, is the mornings. Here I've got Dougie stretching his wings after a night sleeping in his fox proof house then catching up with the ladies out on the dam. The jerusalem artichoke flowers are now in full bloom and look out across the dam and watch these beautiful birds as they go about their day.

While wandering around with friends I stopped by my mushroom logs and discovered that there was actually signs of life. Not particularly appertizing in appearance due to a bit of pest damage but exciting just the same. I'll be keeping a closer eye on the logs and might move them to allow the mushrooms a little more room to grow. Hopefully then I'll be able to harvest a fresher more appealing crop that can head to the kitchen.

Ended the weekend with one of my favourite activities - the old chop and drop. Got the pruners out and took down one of the tagasaste trees in my peach tree guild. For some reason its very satisfying harvesting this mulch and scattering it around the base of my productive trees. Slowly, slowly this will break down and feed the soil organisms, who in turn feed the trees, who will one day be feeding me. I suppose thats why its satisfying!

I hope you all had just as wonderful a weekend as I just had xx

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Mar 29, 2021

Thanks for a wonderful day of great company, food and learning. I feel totally inspired each time I visit and see your amazing progress and the difference each one of us can make. No offence with the natural deodorant 😉😉🌻

Huttons Valley Permaculture
Huttons Valley Permaculture
Mar 29, 2021
Replying to

Thank you all for coming and listening to me ramble on haha!

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