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The stone fruit have arrived!

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

The trees were all planted about two and a half years ago and these trees are just now becoming productive. Out of the stone fruit trees I planted only two, two peach trees, didn't really produce. I am really happy with what I've gathered this year and excited for the abundance of years to come!

So now, what to do with it all. The nectarines aren't quite ripe yet so I'll leave them a little longer before enjoying just as fresh fruit. As for all the plums, well, they headed straight to the kitchen. Yesterday I made stewed fruit for freezing, a spicy plum sauce and a delicious cinnamon plum jam. Still have more left so perhaps a chutney and maybe more for the freezer, as I don't want to run out of these plums to add to my yoghurt throughout the year!

Another of my crops to be really coming in at the moment are the beans. I've made some bean salads and curried beans and had them as side dishes but I have also just bundled a huge pile into the freezer - no blanching - just straight in. These will be great in soups or stews for winter.

Whenever I'm out in the garden or anywhere in the pasture area I always come across frogs. This little dude was actually not so little. He was enjoying the stock trough that I rudely emptied and moved on him. I relocated him carefully of course. Pretty sure he'll be happy in the new location.

It was a big day for Ash's little ducklings who have tentatively entered the big wide world. Unlike Misty's two who took to the dam and surrounds really quickly these four have been a bit slower as they were a little intimidated by the two young drakes. I hope they'll be jumping in for a swim too and getting to enjoy what life will soon be like.

My winter garden plans are being brought to life with the first of my seeds being sown in trays. I still have to prepare some beds with compost but happy to have these little plants launched. My broccoli last year was really a fail, although my cauliflowers all were great, so I'll try to get lots going this year.

Another type of harvest that I like to do at this time of year is seed collecting. These beautiful pink cosmos are an annual and while the two plants I have out in the garden are volunteers from last years plants I do want to ensure that I get plants for next year. Saving seed to sow in spring is a way to ensure this. It's not hard to do - the hardest part is thinking about it as the actual collection takes minutes. Always worthwhile!

Among other things I've done this week is some swale clearing - well clearing around my plants anyway. This ensures they see the light and don't get swamped by all the grasses and weeds that are still rampant in these areas.

Most of my time, in later summer and autumn, however is spent harvesting or processing and this year is no different. The harvest is really kicking in with the usual zucchini but also the beautiful painted mountain corn. Getting some herbs dried and into the kitchen cupboard makes it easier during the cold of winter to quickly add that burst of flavour to your cooking so now is the perfect time to do that. I have some bay leaves drying outside. It's amazing how the green is retained in home dried herbs compared to the lifeless brown of store bought!

Oh well that's about it for this week. If you'd like to see what corn I gathered from my patch I've published an extra video this week that shows you through my garden and greenhouse and includes some of the harvest!

Enjoy your week everyone!!

Cheers Linda

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